I’ve been busy cleaning up the core combat systems lately and we thought we’d put out a few snippets this week to de-mystify what combat will be like in Mooncrest.

Say hello to Testerossa!  In spite of the terrible pun that is her name, this character serves as my prototype model for combat testing.  Her model is temp, her surroundings are temp, and even her animations — while relatively representative — are temp, but she gets the job done well.

The foundation of Mooncrest’s combat is its stamina system.  Actions such as attacking, evading, running, and activating abilities all put a strain on your stamina bar by either reducing it in chunks or draining it over time.  Conversely, it will regenerate at a fixed pace when you aren’t engaged in those activities.  


While each attack and ability has a specific cost, it is entirely possible to spend more stamina for an action than you currently have in reserve.  This results in a stamina debt which will delay the regeneration of the bar.  The greater the debt, the greater the delay.  

This ebb and flow of resources creates a combat environment in which you need to carefully and quickly measure the cost of your actions rather than mindlessly hacking away at your targets.  If you run out stamina, you won’t be able to defend yourself when the opponent strikes back.  That bar is your lifeline; monitor it well!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a little look under the hood.  This is what the game looks like away from the standard game view, when you can see the animation trees at work.

We’ll be showing some more bits and pieces of Mooncrest’s combat design over the following week, so stay tuned!


Come visit the KnightMayor forums!  We’d love questions or comments on this update!

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4 thoughts on “A Primer on Mooncrest Combat: Part 1

  1. You guys are doing a great job and I am so excited to get to play this first hand!!
    I will help you guys out any way I possibly can.

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