Well, this isn’t the follow up update to the combat system unveiling we were planning on. Since the closing of our Kickstarter over 2 months ago development on Mooncrest has not progressed in a manner that we are happy with. When we brought the project to Kickstarter we didn’t have any plans in place or talk about what steps we would take if the campaign had failed. As we discussed elsewhere, there were problems with the way we chose to present the game and everything didn’t come together the way we envisioned.

Afterward, we decided a playable version of Mooncrest would be the best way to convey our vision of the game. The past 8 weeks we have been working toward a second Kickstarter with a modest goal of $40,000 where we planned to deliver a vertical slice to our backers. A vertical slice, for those not familiar with the term, is a playable proof of concept. It’s not the same as a prototype or pre-alpha as it looks and plays like the final product. With a playable version of the game and a better project video it would have addressed all of the concerns of our previous campaign. Also, it would have made it easier to be greenlit on Steam.

While we feel we were finally going in the right direction, the harsh reality is economically we can’t continue the development of Mooncrest at this time. The project has been self funded from the beginning and we are at the point we are beginning to scramble to make ends meet. We had a short window to get the second Kickstarter up and running due to the fast approaching holiday season (when Kickstarters don’t have a high success rate) and we found ourselves making decisions to make the deadline that would have again lead us to another subpar campaign. That was something we decided wasn’t fair to us, our families, our friends, and most of all, to you, all of our amazing supporters out there. After some soul searching we decided our best course of action was to put the project on indefinite hiatus.

What does indefinite hiatus mean? Is Mooncrest dead?

We each need to focus on our personal lives right now which does mean there will be no active development on the project. We might come back to Mooncrest in 6 months, a couple years from now, or this may be the end. We honestly don’t know what the future holds. I can tell you that each of us is extremely passionate about Mooncrest and bringing this game to market, but whether or not we can rise from ashes like a phoenix and take another run at this only higher powers know for sure.

Where does that leave KnightMayor?

KnightMayor is Rick’s company and he has decided to continue to use the company name and switch gears to publishing some of the internal tools we were using to develop Mooncrest. He plans to release them via the Unity Asset Store to recoup some expenses. The website will still remain active (although we will be shutting the forums down), and you can follow his progress right here on this very website. The first tool that is in development is the dialog editor which was being used to create the game’s conversations. Here’s a screenshot of the dialog editor in action.

Dialog Editor

Jeff and James will both be moving on to pursue other projects. Jeff will continue to do freelance artwork both in and outside of the video game industry. You can follow him on Twitter @theharrower. James will still be streaming the more esoteric games from the video game underworld on Twitch and you can also follow him on Twitter @TheRealCLZ.


Last, but not least, we wanted to offer our deepest gratitude for everyone who supported us along the way. All of the inspiration and support made it so difficult to come to this decision as we didn’t want to let anyone down, but we know this is the right thing to do at this time. With some luck, you’ll be hearing about Mooncrest again in the future. Thanks again for the love and support. Ya’ll are awesome. See you on the flip side.

–Rick, Jeff, and James

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10 thoughts on “C’est La Vie

  1. Hey guys
    Wishing you all the best for the future; I hope that future one day involves Mooncrest!

  2. There is no shame in any of this. You guys are making the right decision. Rest up, lick your wounds, feed your families, and take on work that stokes the fire of motivation and inspiration. Perhaps Mooncrest will rise again out of and from that. Perhaps it won’t. Perhaps something better will.

    Enjoy life!

  3. You _always_ have to choose yourselves first.
    Hope the emotional and financial costs weren’t too high.
    Maybe you’ll be able to re-evaluate in time, or maybe you’ll be involved in other projects I’ll look forward to finding out about.
    Be well and happy!

  4. This is a bad news. 🙁
    Hope to see Mooncrest again on Kickstarter. Good luck for the future.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this. I have long awaited a conclusion to the Twilight trilogy started all those years ago in NWN. When I first heard about this project I was so excited. I hope your future endeavors go well and I look forward to any work you do on your own or with any developer. Rick, your story telling ability in games is amazing and no matter what, keep up your good work! Thanks.

  6. Sorry to see you guys go after just coming on the scene like what seems a week ago (I first read about you on RPS I think). Hoping maybe you guys could try to work together like Project Resurgence does? It might not be quick, but they seem to be working along well. I’ve chatted with Rob at Project Resurgence some and he seems to be open to talking to other Devs to help each other out so if working as a group online only sounds cool maybe try to get in contact with him (FB seems to be the best method).

  7. Such a shame as I’ve always loved the story of Twilight and Midnight. Hopefully one day it will be published!

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