How does The Rise of Mooncrest relate to your first attempted Kickstarter for the game: Mooncrest?

The Rise of Mooncrest is in the same setting (Nocturne) and starts in the same location (the city of Mooncrest), but takes place around 1000 years earlier. The main inspiration for this project is to take the opportunity to flesh out the Nocturne’s history. The hope is that if the original Mooncrest story is ever attempted, this additional background will make the experience that much deeper.

What platforms will The Rise of Mooncrest be developed?

All initial development will be for PC only. After a final build is created (likely after the initial post-release patch which is almost always needed), demand and costs for porting to Xbox, PS, Linux and Mac will be assessed. Very interested in bringing The Rise of Mooncrest to as many players as possible.

Developing for multiple platforms simultaneously is overly challenging for large, experienced teams. Attempting to do the same with a single person development team is far too great a risk to attempt.

What will be in the main game that is missing from the demo?

Other than dozens of additional stages, many new characters and hours of more story: A few systems. The most significant missing system represents talents that affect all your commanders and squads. There are many different forms this system could develop into, so no specifics until after iteration in the alpha phase of the project.

What may change from the demo to the main game?

Any aspect of the demo could potentially change based on new system integration and alpha feedback. But highest on the list of aspects that need more iteration include: the game pieces, VFX and UI. None of these are up to the polish level of the rest of the demo’s art.