Thank you for your interest in KnightMayor and our premiere title, The Rise of Mooncrest. You can find more up to the minute information about KnightMayor and The Rise of Mooncrest by visiting our official Twitter and Facebook page. All videos related to the game and the demo are housed on our YouTube channel. We also have a weekly development blog where you can track the dev progress of the game. You can download our Press Kit, by clicking on the download button below.

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What is The Rise of Mooncrest?

The land of Nocturne, peaceful for generations, has been invaded by a powerful and exotic force. Seemingly overnight, almost all of Nocturne is occupied leaving only one stronghold – Mooncrest. Can Mooncrest’s overwhelmed forces rally together to defeat a mysterious army with mythological powers?

The Rise of Mooncrest is a single-player, story-based fantasy Tactical RPG, focusing on engaging tactical combat, characters and story. KnightMayor’s premiere title features:

  • Gameplay inspired by the Sega Genesis classic Warsong (Langrisser): The core of this influence is the commander and squad unit concept focusing on maximizing tactical advantages to manage attrition in a tactical, turn based RPG.

  • Modern JRPG style cutscenes: Crisply drawn characters in a variety of poses to express emotion helps convey the story in cutscenes paced at the player’s control.

  • Various and evolving stage objectives: While the defeat of all enemies is most common, there are many other objective types to experience.  And some stages will involve a series of objectives, further increasing the variety of experiences held within the gameplay.

The Rise of Mooncrest is brought to you by a former BioWare designer with eight years of AAA game development experience. The goal is to focus on single player, story-driven experiences players have loved for decades.

Who is KnightMayor?

Based in Austin TX, KnightMayor was founded by Rick Burton and consists of Rick and a group of talented freelancers from around the globe. Rick is a college educated programmer (B.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M) and a veteran designer with eight years of experience with BioWare. His credits include: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic and SWTOR: Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Rick began creating the world of Nocturne over 10 years ago when he released the popular Neverwinter Nights modules Twilight and Midnight. A third module, Dawn, was planned to conclude the trilogy, but never released. Both modules were inducted into the NWVault Hall of Fame, held the #1 user rating on NWVault, and received the NWVault Reviewer’s Award. Twilight was featured in Computer Gaming World magazine and Midnight was featured in Computer Games magazine.

KnightMayor plans to one day revisit and complete the Paladin Trilogy. The Rise of Mooncrest is our first step in establishing the company as a trustworthy developer while it grows to handle larger projects.


The Rise of Mooncrest